Galleria Dante has chosen to showcase the works of three self-taught artists, Gabriel Colunga, Oscar Solis and Juana Cortez, on their first show of the Winter season, to open on Friday, November 11, at 6 PM. Colunga was inspired one day in his brother’s studio to try his hand at art. His first creations were of cats. They were so well received that he put the playful aside and decided to create pieces that told a story. Many are based on his personal relationships with women. He allows people to draw on their own personal experiences when explaining his sculptures, but many of the works have deep meaning for him. His creations are partly abstract, partly stylized realism and always contemporary. When initiating a new work he explores dozens of possibilities considering his deepest feelings for a subject before forming a concrete design.

Oscar Solis' paintings reflects his need to communicate his emotions in a simple and fascinating way. For the artist, painting is an activity of life, but it is also a job and a language where everything is silent. This Spring, Oscar won first prize at the Calgary Stampede for a painting of  horses.

Ann artist in her own right, but also wife of Oscar Solis, Juana Cortez' style differs from his, but they complement one another. In 1992, what started as a hobby took form in a more redefined skill. Her love for art led her to resign as a chemist and persue a life in front of a canvas. Juana is best known for her detail work of textiles, which amazingly look three-dimensional.

Galleria Dante is located at Basilio Badilio 269, Emiliano Zapata. Other openings this season include:

November 25 –  Leticia Schmidt, David Zepeda & Dana O’Donnell
December 16 – Ute Hagen, Linda Kauffmann & Javier Zepeda
December 30 – Jesse Reno & Miguel angel del Campo
January 13 - Boback & Edgar Martinez
January 27 -  Guillermo Brockmann & Nino Magana
February 10 - Cherie Sibley & Ignacio Guerrero
February 24 – Yvan Genest, Alvaro Zardoni & Jean-Gabriel Lambert
March 9 –  Luis Valui
March 23 –Oscar Capeche & Jorge Costes

Andante Art openings:

November 25 – Israel Zzepda
December 30 - Oscar Zamarripa
January 27 – Israel ZZepda
February 24 - Guillermo Gomez

Source: Galleria Dante