Puerto Vallarta’s acclaimed Xiutla Folkloric Dance Troupe, led by Enrique Barrios, has received an official invitation to participate in the opening ceremonies of the upcoming Panamerican Games, to take place in Guadalajara on October 14. To that effect, Barrios, along with four of his top dancers, participated in a summit in Guadalajara, where they had the opportunity to rehearse a specially designed choreography for the event, along with 54 other dance instructors from the state of Jalisco. Now back in Puerto Vallarta, the dancers are preparing a total of 20 Xiutla members to participate in the opening ceremony. Next to the Olympiads, the Panamerican Games are considered to be the second most important athletic event, worldwide.

In Puerto Vallarta, the Xiutla Dance Troupe can be seen performing at the Malecón and other local plazas on weekends.

Source: Vallarta Opina