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Taste Restaurant @ Casa Cupula Launches Successful Mole Festival

Published Jun 22, 2011, 12:43pm - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 6:57pm)


Celebrating their signature approach of offering a broad variety of culinary treats in both full and half (or taste) portions, Taste Restaurant @ Casa Cupula is offering a unique opportunity to savor five different varieties of mole sauces, during the next couple weeks. Few Mexican culinary specialties mystify as much as mole sauce, the most common variation being the well-known mole poblano, which combines eclectic ingredients, such as peanuts, chocolate and sesame seeds, to create a unique, multi-layered flavor that is best enjoyed with chicken, but is sometimes served with fish or beef, as well.


For this special occasion, chef Oscar Rito has prepared a sampling of five different types of mole sauce: black mole, Oaxaca style; yellow mole, Querétaro style; traditional Poblano mole, a unique, tamarind-flavored mole; and green Pipián style. All five varieties are prepared at the restaurant, from scratch, using traditional methods, and are offered with a serving of rice and vegetables, along with beef, fish and chicken to choose. The $249 peso per person promotion also includes dessert.

Aside from this unique opportunity, Taste Restaurant @ Casa Cupula features “creative food in good taste” showcasing dishes from four different cuisines: US, Mexican, Asian and South American, with most dishes available in full or half portions. Taste is located at Casa Cupula, Callejón de la Igualdad 129, in Amapas. For more information and reservations, please call 223-2484, or visit www.casacupula.com/taste.

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