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Interesting Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week Facts Revealed

Published May 4, 2011, 5:58pm - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 6:57pm)


The popularity of this Puerto Vallarta annual dining celebration that takes place every year from May 15 to 31 is on the rise, according to information revealed by its organizers at a recent press conference. Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group launched the first Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week event in May, 2005 and has maintained the same formula year after year: very much like similar events celebrated elsewhere in the world, Restaurant Week offers spectacular three-course menus with three options each discounted by up to 50%, at fixed menu prices $189 or $299 pesos.

The first edition of Vallarta Lifestyles' Restaurant Week featured 33 participating restaurants. Since then, the number of participants has fluctuated favorably. In the upcoming edition of Restaurant Week, 38 restaurants as far north as Punta de Mita and south to Boca de Tomatlán, will offer unique menus for visitors and locals to enjoy. (This year's menu guide can be browsed here in digital format.) Two of this year's participants (Porto Bello and Tsunami) have two branches each, for a total of 40 venues to choose from.

This year, an unprecedented 13 restaurants are participating in Vallarta Lifestyles' Restaurant Week for the first time, offering foodies an even more comprehensive option of new places to discover or re-visit.

The first time the Vallarta Lifestyles' Restaurant Week Menu Guide was made available digitally was in 2009. By the time the event had reached its conclusion on May 15 of that year, the pages of the digital Menu Guide had been browsed 30,526 times. Available only since April 19, the number of page views for this year's Menu Guide has already surpassed that number with a total of 56,752 views to date.

How popular is Restaurant Week in Mexico? Not very. A recent Google search of the terms "restaurant week mexico" reveals two interesting facts: 1) there are no similar events in any other city in our country, and 2) an increasing number of international news agencies, websites and blogs are covering the event year after year.

Numbers aside, Vallarta Lifestyles' Restaurant Week has become an important decision-making factor for an increasing number of tourists that choose the second half of May as an ideal time to visit Puerto Vallarta and explore its gastronomy, paralleled in Mexico only by Mexico City's.

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