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Galería Pacífico Announces Hugo Barajas Exhibition

Published Mar 7, 2011, 1:21pm - (Updated Jan 31, 2013, 8:27pm)


Galeria Pacifico will have cocktail receptions on March 9th and 16th to inaugurate an exhibit of the recent work by the multi talented artist, Hugo Barajas. Both of these events will be held during the 6:00 to 10:00 PM Wednesday Art Walks in Puerto Vallarta's El Centro, and the artist will be in attendance. Over 25 oil paintings, bronze sculptures and fused glass pieces will be shown and will remain on display through March 30th. Barajas is just back from a highly successful exhibition of these brightly colored glass creations at the Mexican Consul General to Canada in Montreal, Quebec. Works in the technique of fusing many pieces of different colors and types of glass together to form creations up to 40 by 60 inches were presented to great success. One of the founders of the famous Cirque de Soleil acquired two to go along with his previous collection of Barajas paintings.

Five of the fused glass pieces in smaller sizes will be featured at Galería Pacífico, as will two cast bronze sculptures. However the show will be dominated by oil paintings on canvas and linen that range in size from 8 by 10 inches to 5 by 10 feet and are mostly in the primary colors plus black and white. Some of his pieces have been called “cubist,” and reflect some influence of Picasso, but Barajas prefers to call his style “Constructivismo,” and credits the great Mexican painter Rufino Tamayo as having had a greater impact on his work.

Hugo, who is now in his forties, grew up in Guadalajara, where he started doing oil on canvas paintings when he was only eight years old. Working in etching studios, glass workshops and as a graphic designer for leading newspapers supported his part time painting efforts until he made the plunge to becoming a full-time artist in 1997. Since then he has participated in and received awards in major museum competitions in Mexico including at the second largest, the Hospicio Cultural Cabañas in Guadalajara. He will be one of the few Mexican artists featured in the coveted Biennale of Florence, Italy, in December, 2011.

Galería Pacífico also represents the work of Ramiz Barquet, Luis Espiridion, Bill White, Alfredo Langarica, Jim Demetro, Mathis Lidice and Roberto Vazquez, among others. More information may be obtained at the gallery's website, or by calling (322) 222 1982. Galería Pacífico is located at 174 Aldama, above the Caballito del Mar Gallery.

Source: Galería Pacífico

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