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Trip Report: Exploring El Tuito’s Surroundings by Bicycle

Published Mar 10, 2010, 5:07pm - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 6:36pm)

Some folks seize a good opportunity when they see one. Such is the case of Alain and Lolo, owners of Jardin del Tuito, a cozy bed & breakfast in El Tuito, only an hour south of Puerto Vallarta (www.jardindeltuito.com). Taking advantage of the rolling terrain that surrounds this peaceful town, they recently purchased half-dozen mountain bikes to offer cycling tours to their guests. One of the tours was created in conjunction with Don Tino Carvajal of Mariscos Tino’s fame. Don Tino and his family own Hacienda El Divisadero, a beautiful old-style hacienda in the heart of the mountains (www.haciendaeldivisadero.com). We were invited to try out the tour, which included a moderately-paced, 1-hour bicycle ride, a visit to nearby petroglyphs, along with explanations about the local flora and its medicinal uses. Finally, we enjoyed a delicious Mexican-style grilled buffet along with margaritas and raicilla, which is produced at the Hacienda. Feel free to explore the following photo gallery, which includes captions about the entire experience!

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