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Xiutla Founders Share Their Knowledge

Published Feb 8, 2010, 5:52pm - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 6:30pm)

Municipality Dance Troupe Xiutla is not only an important cultural institution in Puerto Vallarta. Fifteen years after its inception, it is becoming a hotbed of folk dance teachers. Such is the case of siblings Carina and Luis Enrique Mendoza Rodriguez, ages 26 and 20 years old respectively, who have been members of the group for 14 years, and as such, are considered founding members.

Carina has been teaching for seven years and really enjoying this activity because she wants to consolidate herself as a teacher. When the new Xiutla Dance Academy project becomes a reality, she looks forward to being part of the instructor team. In contrast, Luis never expected to be a teacher, but greatly enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He also instills the love for the group in children, whenever possible, very much like his sister. "The group has to continue even when the founders leave. That is the dream of our teacher, to have formed a group that remains strong."

For the Mendoza Rodriguez brothers, learning, harmony and love they have received from professor Enrique Barrios, have been the key incentives to remain in the group this long. "Dreams do exist and can become a reality when you really try. I'll be grateful to my teacher all my life because I have fulfilled all my dreams in the group," says Carina. While Luis said "I went in very young and the teacher saw me grow, taught me many things. For example, not to be envious of others because nobody is perfect."

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