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Graffiti Art Returns to Puerto Vallarta

Published Oct 21, 2009, 1:31pm - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 6:23pm)

Graffiti artist Bue the Warrior, who produced a series of public art projects in town two years ago, returned to Puerto Vallarta to continue beautifying abandoned public spaces with his original creations. He is also expected to produce a special mural on one of the walls of Radio Universidad’s broadcasting studios as part of the radio station’s eighth anniversary. (Radio Universidad 104.3 FM) Bue has been strolling the city once again in search of spaces to beautify, this time around looking beyond the tourist areas of Puerto Vallarta, and hoping to find suitable spaces in more popular neighborhoods, where he hopes to bring some joy to the children living there.

Bue the Warrior was born in Belgium, a very small country in Europe that is characterized by constrantly cloudy weather. As such, the artist strives to use his creations to offer good energy to people that admire it. He previously visited Puerto Vallarta two years ago along with another prominent graffiti artist, Chase, and they made a series of murals in different streets of the city that surprised the inhabitants for their originality.

This artist magic can be found in Germany, Spain, France, New York and Los Angeles. If you want to know more about Bue's work, de Santos will feature a special event this Friday evening to showcase the artist with an exhibiton of several items, such as serigraphs and sculptures. Bue will be present to paint some furniture and walls of the restaurant. Or you can visit his website toykyo.be.

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