Puerto Vallarta's Our Lady of Guadalupe church premiered its new crown as part of its 88 anniversary last October 12th. To celebrate this special occasion, Tepic's Bishop of Diocese Ricardo Watty offered a special mass and blessing attended by authorities, special guests and local parishioners. The importance of the crown as an icon that has represented Puerto Vallarta worldwide for so many years was aknowledged during the mass. Guadalupe church pastor Esteban Salazar said that the crown is also a reminder of the affection that  people who originally settled here had for the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The construction of Our Lady of Guadalupe began on April 12, 1883, and wasn’t completed until October 12, 1921. The first crown to honor the Virgin was drafted in 1923. Unfortunately, the crown was severly damaged during an earthquake on October, 9, 1995, at which time it was replaced by a fiberglass one. The new crown, which is ten meters in diameter by 15.5 meters high, was created by painter and sculptor Carlos Terres who based his sculpture on the Nahualt word "Tecuntlanopeuh" meaning "which originated at the top of Las Peñas," alluding to the original name of our city: Puerto Las Peñas de Santa Maria de Guadalupe, today Puerto Vallarta.