The Loft Galeria in Puerto Vallarta is proud to announce that local artist Meg Munro has been selected to receive the prestigious Artist Magazine award at the upcoming annual National Watercolor Society ceremony in Brea, California. Coupled with the Artist Magazine award is a very valuable Merchandise Award from Daniel Smith, one of the leading purveyors of professional artist’s materials.

Culled from over 1,100 entries, Munro’s watercolor painting entitled “Adieu, Adios” focuses our eyes front and center in an arrangement akin to a classical still-life; flowers, bottles, atop a reflective glass table create the immediacy of that form. However, upon further viewing, we see in the distance broad expanses of mountain ranges and the town’s outskirts flowing into familiar plains. This composition serves to draw us to our known and comfortable selves experiencing that which has come before, and also intrigues us with possibilities of what lies beyond our immediate reach.

The painting has previously been exhibited in early 2009 at The Loft Galeria in the artist’s exhibition  “Arc of the Journey.” Following the presentation of the award at the Annual Luncheon of the National Watercolor Society’s 89th Annual Show, the painting will travel throughout the United States as a part of that prestigious organizations touring exhibition. The painting will be available for purchase but may not be delivered until the completion of the tour.

The Loft Galeria is very proud to be associated with this distinctive painter, certainly Puerto Vallarta’s pre-eminent watercolorist, and looks forward to the exciting new adventures in her work that are gathering on the horizon.