Several artists performing in Puerto Vallarta in the next few weeks, including jazz singer Jaramar Soto and her trio, and the Well-Strung Singing String Quartet, will donate some of their personal time offering masterclasses for members of Puerto Vallarta’s Youth Orchestra, at their Pitillal-based campus. “Few things are as inspiring for a young musician as having personal contact with more established, successful peers,” commented Vallarta Lifestyles’ Managing Editor, Paco Ojeda, who has been instrumental in making the connections. “There are all these amazing musicians visiting Banderas Bay, and there are these young music students, eager to learn from established artists. It was just a matter of asking.”

Mexican singer Jaramar Soto will be performing with her jazz trio at Act II’s Basilio Badillo entertainment complex beginning this Saturday, February 15. With only a bass player and an electric guitar onstage, the talented chanteuse will delivered choice jazz standards in English. At the Youth Orchestra, however, she will address the students, sharing highlights of her musical career and breaking down the process of building an artistic project. Bass player Eliud Ernandes, who is also a music instructor at Guadalajara’s Universidad Libre de Música, will lecture on the development of Blues, Jazz and Rock, along with the social context in which the music genres have blossomed.

Billed by The New York Daily News as “the hottest things with a bow since Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games,” the Well-Strung Singing String Quartet will begin their performances at The Palm Cabaret and Lounge on Tuesday, February 18. Before their limited engagement, however, this unique musical ensemble—equally at ease performing Mozart or the latest hit by Adela—will visit the Youth Orchestra to interact with the students and their community at large.

Jazz crooner/songwriter Spencer Day, who had a very successful run earlier this year, is returning to The Palm starting March 11, by popular demand. This time around, he will also be spending time with the Youth Orchestra along with accomplished pianist, John D. Randall. “The most humbling part is that these talented musicians are willing to share some of their experience and musical knowledge with the orchestra students without any type of compensation,” added Ojeda, who will continue creating connections between visiting artists and the orchestra, whenever possible.

Get Involved

If you are (or you know) a musician visiting our destination and would like to donate some of your time to the Puerto Vallarta Youth Orchestra, contact them directly, or send an email message to Paco Ojeda. Also, consider attending some of the fine performances offered by these and other talented artists that choose to make while they are enjoying Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings. Doing so guarantees their return in the not-so-distant future.

Learn more about the Puerto Vallarta Youth Orchestra by watching this short, introductory video