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Frixoleros Performs Friday at La Cuiza

Published Apr 16, 2013, 2:16pm -


Puerto Vallarta favorites Camila Aguirre and Daniel Sánchez, also known as Frixoleros, will perform a late night set featuring their unique take on traditional Mexican songs this coming Friday, April 19, 10 pm, at La Cuiza. They will be joined onstage by Ampersan, a visiting duo that, like Frixoleros, has chosen to research and rescue many folk musical traditions from Mexico, to the delight of locals and visitors that have favored their performances in other spaces throughout the city. Cover charge for this evening of Mexican folk music will be $30 pesos per person.

Camila and Daniel’s story sounds like a fairy tale, complete with a happy ending. They each displayed strong artistic inclinations at an early age, Daniel learning the guitar while living with his grandmother in Ajijic, and Camila constantly exposed to live musicians at her father’s Oro Verde, a popular coffee house in Puerto Vallarta. It was at a Bucerías restaurant under her care that their paths first crossed a few years back. Daniel began performing there, and it was love at first sight, musical and otherwise.

Their first performances were on city buses, but within a few months their mutual love of traditional Mexican songs guided the sound and repertoire that now identifies them as Frixoleros. Their musical formula is simple: two guitars (and Daniel’s double-bass), two voices and a healthy selection of carefully crafted songs and ballads (known locally as “corridos”) from Old Mexico.

Located on Isla Río Cuale, La Cuiza is a fairly new educational, inspirational and entertainment space that seeks to provide visitors and locals with a variety of courses, workshops and community opportunities. For more information, please visit their website, www.lacuiza.com.

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