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Los Bambinos Performing at Roxy Rock House

Published Feb 6, 2013, 1:36pm - (Updated Feb 22, 2013, 3:34pm)


Los Bambinos, the very popular four-brother local band is performing weekly shows at Roxy Rock House (Ignacio L. Vallarta 217, El Centro) starting at 8 pm. The Tuesday show, presently performed on an ongoing basis, features rock music. Tickets are $200 pesos per person, pre-sale, and $250 pesos at the door.

The four brothers—Carlos on guitar and lead vocals, Giorgio on bass and lead vocals, Imer on guitar and harmony, and Lázzaro on lead guitar and harmony—have garnered a steady following, largely due to their unique covers of songs spanning several decades. At the same time, they have also explored songwriting and perform several original songs. Meanwhile , they continue to perform at Basilio Badillo and Olas Altas eateries five nights a week, from 7 to 10 pm as they prepare for their third summer US tour, where they will perform in several locations around Seattle and the San Francisco Bay area.

Learn more about Los Bambinos by visiting their website, www.losbambinosmusic.com, by calling 222-4357, or at Faith Colectiva.

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