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Taste Reprises Annual Mole Festival

Published May 22, 2012, 3:55pm -


A staple of Mexican cuisine, mole sauce, used in a number of dishes, originated in the states of Puebla and Oaxaca. A true poblano, Taste Restaurant @ Casa Cupula’s chef Oscar Rito celebrates his culinary roots by offering a special Mole Festival throughout the month of June.

Following the success of last years event, Taste’s Mole Festival will feature three different type of mole sauces—jamaica, Poblano style and tamarind—as a triple-taste menu for $249 pesos. The sauces are served with a tortilla soup starter and one portion of chicken, beef or fish to choose from, along with rice and vegetables.

The Taste Mole Festival will be available from June 1 - 30, offering locals and visitors an excellent opportunity to experience firsthand the versatility of this traditional sauce, as prepared in three different variations. While all mole variations begin with one or more types of chili pepper, they frequently require over 20 different ingredients—including chocolate—in perfectly balanced proportions, to achieve their unique flavor.

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