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Boutique Theater Announces Recorder Recital

Published Apr 25, 2012, 10:52am -

On Sunday,  April 29th, at 3:30 PM, the  Boutique Theatre Performing Arts Centre (330 Naranjo) will host the premier performance  of the newly formed Telemann Recorder Ensemble. The instrument was a favorite of King Henry the Eighth, who owned 76 recorders over his lifetime, and the inspiration for several Bach and Handel compositions.
The unique aspect of this afternoon recital is not only entertainment but “edutainment” as well. The newly formed Telemann Recorder Ensemble will entertain and educate theatre-goers, switching instruments within the recorder family as they perform a variety of music,  from 13th century Spanish cantigas and 16th century Tudor trios, to 20th century ragtime in.  Tea and sweets, will be provided.
The ensemble features local veteran performers Sharon Baughman-White, Kathy Overly and David White, all members of the Vallarta Chamber Orchestra, along with other stage endeavors. They are joined by Zuria Fucuy and Daniel Oliveros, both members of the newly-formed Orquesta Escuela de Puerto Vallarta. , who has long shared her musical and vocal talents in the Vallarta Chamber Orchestra, where she played violin, and on-stage at various local theatres, where she has produced many original musical reviews. Kathy Overly will provide keyboard accompaniment in select numbers. David White, singer, actor and violist in the Vallarta Chamber Orchestra, who will add percussion instruments and string parts as needed,  and talented newcomers Zuria Fucuy and Daniel Oliveros.
Zuria, a fine flautist, comes from Guadalajara, and played with the Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Gudalajara.  Daniel, an exceptional clarinetist and conductor, comes from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and used to perform in the Youth Symphony there ( Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Nuevo Leon.)  Both Zuria and Daniel are instructors in the newly formed Orquesta Escuela de Puerto Vallarta, a project sponsored by “Via Cultural” (an organization that promotes arts and culture in Puerto Vallarta.)
Be sure not to miss this entertaining afternoon concert and tea.
Tickets, including refreshments are $250 pesos.  They are available for purchase at: NV Bookstore (216 Basilio Badillo); online at www.boutiquetheater.ca, or at Boutique theatre two hours prior to the concert.
For more information call 044-322-728-6878.

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