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This is a fairly frequent question in our feedback inbox. After all, our online directories (restaurants, shopping, art galleries, nightlife and so forth) are among the most popular pages in our website,

Introducing ViVa Pages

ViVa Pages (short for Virtual Vallarta) were originally created to support advertising clients who did not have the knowledge and expertise required to have their own domain name or website. Nowadays, many do. However, it is still a good idea to have your own ViVa Page in VirtualVallarta. Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. Positioning: VirtualVallarta shows up with good positioning in Google searches when potential visitors search for phrases such as puerto vallarta restaurants, puerto vallarta galleries, puerto vallarta shopping, vallarta nightlife, puerto vallarta activities, etc.
  2. Interactivity: We’ve designed our ViVa Pages in such a way that, by adding photos, videos, and even a Facebook Page feed, we can keep your content up to date.
  3. Small Business Support: There are still a number of businesses out there without their own online presence, or perhaps only a Facebook page. If that is your case, A ViVa Page is a natural extension for you. With an average of 10,000 visits per month, VirtualVallarta is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular destination portals.
  4. Connectivity: If you have your own website, we’ll direct traffic to it by listing your website’s address in your ViVa Page

How to Get a ViVa Page

There are basically two ways to get your own ViVa Page:

  1. Become a Vallarta Lifestyles advertiser: All Vallarta Lifestyles advertisers receive the benefits of their own ViVa Page for the duration of their advertising contract. And if you are an art gallery, we want to support you further! Local art galleries receive a ViVa Page for 12 months from the beginning of their advertising contract, regardless of how many issues they advertise in.
  2. Purchase a ViVa Page: For businesses with a smaller advertising budget, it is possible to enhance your online presence by purchasing a ViVa Page for a one-year period.

For More Information

  1. Check out this PDF with more details about ViVa Pages and their benefits.
  2. Enjoy this short video, which will explain a bit more about ViVa Pages and Vallarta Lifestyles.
  3. Contact us at and will put you in touch with one of our customer representatives, who will explain your options in detail.