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Barcelona Tapas

Matamoros & 31 de Octubre, Centro, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.
(322) 223-0831     info@barcelonatapas.net      barcelonatapas.net

Open daily for lunch and dinner, this Spanish spe- cialty restaurant has been delighting visitors and locals since New Year´s Eve 2000. From the get-go, chef-owner William Carballo has maintained his commitment to satisfying customers one guest at a time, as shown by the high return-visit rate his eatery has enjoyed since its inception. Multiple levels allow for varied ambiances and dining experiences every time you visit. Plus, its nearness to the Malecon and Parque Hidalgo garage makes Barcelona Tapas an ideal starting or ending point for an enjoyable day exploring Puerto Vallarta´s El Centro neighborhood.

Chef/owner of Barcelona Tapas

William Carballo, chef/owner of Barcelona Tapas was born in 1966 in Chicago, Illinois, to a Cuban immigrant father and an Irish American mother. He started working at the age of 13 in Illinois a south west suburb of Chicago. Working everyday after school, William became a workaholic at this young age. Being an independent minor, working full time and living on his own, he graduated from Carl Sandberg Public School—with Honors. When Carballo traveled to Spain in 1987 to learn both the language and the cuisine, he was instantly smitten with tapas, a local specialty. After working with two Spanish chefs in his native Chicago, he moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2000 to open his very successful restaurant, Barcelona Tapas.

In August 2000, William converted the roof of his home and opened the Barcelona Tapas Restaurant which consisted of 56 seats, 14 tables, one 6-burner stove, a small refrigerator and one freezer. William worked day and night, living at the restaurant he started with 2 employees, and serving only 10-25 guests per day. Today, Barcelona is one of the most respected dining establishments in Puerto Vallarta. It serves over 40,000 guests per year, the food, service and installations are constantly improving.

$$ ($11 - $20)
Noon - Midnight
Monday - Saturday. Now serving breakfast on Sundays starting 9 am
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