What better environment than Puerto Vallarta’s in which to obtain optimal health and look your best? On the same latitude as Hawaii, it’s privy to some of the planet’s most perfect weather, so a spring in your step happens naturally here—even when climbing up and down on what we call the world’s most beautiful StairMaster. Or, if you prefer, choose from a dozen or so excellent gymnasiums to get your exercise. World-class spas have also popped up all around town, so indulge yourself on your vacation. You’ll be glad you did. Fortunately, since Vallarta is such a fabulous place to live, it attracts highly qualified medical professionals who work in state-of-the-art modern hospitals and clinics—including those skilled in cosmetic surgery and dentistry. Whatever procedure you have in mind, it’s performed here at pleasing prices.

Once your health- and beauty-related goals are in check, you will find plenty of other things to keep yourself busy exploring and enjoying Banderas Bay, in our main What to Do page.

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