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South Side Shuffle

Basilio Badillo, Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.
(322) 223-9734         

What is the one thing that most, if not all, popular tourism destinations around the world have in common? Here are some clues: New York has The Village, Soho and Broadway; San Francisco has the Castro, Haight-Ashbury and the Mission District. Miami has South Beach. We are, of course, talking about niche neighborhoods. And in Puerto Vallarta, the neighborhood of Emiliano Zapata (we call them colonias) stands out as one that is truly worth exploring on foot, with its many restaurants, art galleries, gift shops and boutiques, not to mention the festive flavor of a small colonial Mexican town. To make your Emiliano Zapata exploration even more memorable, several shops and businesses on the popular Basilio Badillo Street have joined to produce the South Side Shuffle, an evening street party that takes place two Fridays each month, from 6 to 10 pm, between early November and early April. As far as street parties go, the South Side Shuffle is as good as it gets. The participating businesses (see opposite page) go all out to ensure that you enjoy your evening, providing complimentary beverages and even the occasional appetizer. There is also live music, with from two to four groups circulating nonstop on the sidewalk. All in all, the South Side Shuffle offers one of Puerto Vallarta´s best shopping experiences, on two short easy-to-walk blocks. The neighborhood´s recently expanded sidewalks, with their colorful bougainvillea planters, are an added bonus as you saunter from shop to shop. And for tourists and visitors wondering what living in Mexico is all about, The South Side Shuffle provides a unique opportunity to meet local business owners, many of whom have relocated from the USA and Canada.

Visit South Side Shuffle's Activity Page for more information

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