Jenny McGill’s Mexico is not seen through a prism of “quaintness.” Between these covers from mountain-high Talpa to lovely Vallarta, you’ll meet real, flesh-and-blood men and women; among them some saints and a peppering of sinners. Best of all, you’ll uncover the fascinating history of “The Woman in the Trunk,” as Jenny did. 

Enjoy the trip!
When I started Mexconnect in 1994, the Internet was still new. I was excited by its possibilities, and one of my dreams was that the site could serve as a genealogical resource. While Mexconnect didn't fulfill that dream, I'm thrilled to see how it enabled Jenny McGill to unite the Koch family. And I'm delighted that she generously shared her insight, her stories and her love for Mexico with our readers.
—David McLaughlin, Publisher,
"Reading these wonderful tales is like sitting at Jenny McGill’s kitchen table as she prepares an eclectic meal (recipes included!) while chatting engagingly about her love for Talpa. These tales entice you into her world, a world of thoughtful empathy for her neighbors mixed with joyous discoveries. The first two parts are collections of short stand-alone pieces on topics ranging from buried treasure, folk remedies and local festivities to priests, ten Virgins, and horsemanship. In the final spell-binding part, serendipity and more than a little determination enable her to unravel the fascinating family secrets of a Nobel prize-winning scientist. I literally couldn’t put this book down! Great book!"
—Tony Burton, author of Western Mexico: A Traveller's Treasury, Lake Chapala through the ages, and Geo-Mexico: the geography and dynamics of modern Mexico
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