“Puerto Vallarta on a Donkey a Day”, is the third hilarious book by 25+ years Puerto Vallarta resident, Gil Gevins. As with his other books, “Refried Brains” and “Puerto Vallarta on 49 Brain Cells a Day”, this book is a masterfully crafted collection of hilarious stories, depicting the unusual adventures of a gringo living in Puerto Vallarta. “Kitty Litter Lunch”, is the story of going shopping for kitty litter and ending up at an out of the way restaurant. A rude restaurant owner, a ‘mystery’ bone in the chicken enchiladas and blasting music from an antique jukebox, all come together to depict a lunch from hell. Other great stories in this collection include “A Prescription for Disaster” and “Divine Altercation”. Pick up a copy of “Puerto Vallarta on a Donkey a Day”, at Lucy’s Cucu Cabaña, Basilio Badillo 295, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-1220

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