"Puerto Vallarta on 49 Brain Cells a Day," an innovative and humorous collection of hilarious stories about a gringo living in Puerto Vallarta, was written by longtime Vallarta resident Gil Gevins. Although it is may be impossible to separate the facts from the enhanced details of the text, it really doesn’t matter, as these stories inspire the reader to laugh out loud. Gevins is a master storyteller, who can take everyday life experiences in Mexico and portray them in a very humorous way. “Puerto Vallarta on 49 Brain Cells a Day," is his first published book of short stories. Sporting titles such as “How I Fired My Boss” and “A Tail of Two Kidneys," this book spans Mexican culture at it’s finest. To experience a traditional rural wedding through his eyes, enjoy reading the story entitled, “Total Immersion," where Gevins falls into a pigsty in the dark, after drinking a few too many adult beverages. This book is available at Lucy’s Cucu Cabaña, Basilio Badillo 295, Puerto Vallarta (322) 222-1220

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