“Boomers in Paradise: Living in Puerto Vallarta” by Robert Nelson, is the newly released book recounting the interesting life experiences of expatriate baby boomers living in our city. It features the stories of 14 expats thriving in Vallarta, providing numerous points of view and celebrating various aspects of their lives here in paradise.

Over recent years, Vallarta has been flooded by baby boomers choosing to relocate to this fabulous city, which boasts a pleasing climate and a comfortable standard of living, despite rising food prices and housing costs. Nelson dispels the belief that these newly relocated residents of Mexico are here to retire, as once they're here, most of them find new sources of income or develop new interests to keep them busy.

As an expat living in Vallarta himself and via his interviews with others, Nelson offers practical advice for those who have newly relocated to Vallarta, including learning Spanish as well as appreciating and assimilating into the culture, instead of trying to Americanize it. The interviewees also offered suggestions such as where to get the best deals and innovative opportunities for making a living.

Robert Nelson was previously an adjunct advertising professor at San Jose State University and became an expert in branding and marketing to baby boomers over the years.  He has also been vice president of marketing and director of communications for global brands including well-known corporations such as Samsonite, Memorex and Kensington. For more information about Nelson, visit his website at www.robertnelsonwiter.com.

Boomers in Paradise is a must read for anyone in living in Vallarta and also for people considering a move abroad, as it presents the reader with advice and many points to ponder before embarking on such a significant change in life direction. Local artist, Ada Colorina, created the impressive artwork for the book, which is available, online at BookSurge.com , Amazon.com's self-publishing division. Locally, the book can be found at The Bookstore in Plaza Caracol and Gutierrez Rizo.

Are you all packed and ready to move to Puerto Vallarta? Here are some key points that Nelson emphasizes for baby boomers in the planning stage:

  1. Learn Spanish.
  2. Understand the culture.
  3. Appreciate that you are welcome here, but you were not necessarily invited to move, nor is it a special privilege to do so.
  4. Relax! Life here is different than where you came from.
  5. Develop a social network.
  6. Center yourself in your new surroundings. Don't be judgmental, and remember where you are constantly.

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